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Building Cultures of Equality & Inclusion

what we believe 

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We believe we are facing a crisis of democratic institutions where the power of actors and institutions to represent and fight for social justice has been undercut and civil society spaces for advocacy and action are severely restricted. Work on social justice and rights is being forced underground; institutions which proclaim the urgency of making progress on women’s rights are themselves sites of entrenched gender discrimination and new actors are increasingly selling quick fixes to structural issues of inequality through ‘empowerment lite’ solutions, with conditionality requirements for access to resources that skirt hegemonic power dynamics.

We work in partnership with activists and researchers to bring together new knowledge  on deep structures of inequality and discriminatory social norms, with innovative approaches and tools to transform them in organizations and communities.

our analytical framework

Gender at Work brings together new knowledge on deep structures of inequality and discriminatory social norms with innovative approaches and tools to transform them in organizations and communities. Using our unique and widely tested Gender at Work Analytical Framework, we help change agents to uncover and challenge these formal and informal barriers to gender equality.

gender action learning

Through the Gender Action Learning (GAL) process, we engage organizational leaders in a customized, participatory process of co-creating strategies focused both on individual and systemic change. These processes lead to lasting change because they touch people at very deep levels, showing them new pathways for change and getting at the heart of discriminatory systems.

knowledge resources


We engage with analysis and action premised on feminist inquiry and intersectional principles. This enables us to bridge theory and practice in ways that nurture collective understanding and shift discriminatory social norms. Our resources draw from grounded experiences of change interventions in organizational and community settings which also involve mind-body work.

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our work in organizations & systems

stories of change

Our work has led to transformational change in organizations – big and small. Read our compilation of case studies to learn more about how our processes have effectively challenged and changed social norms that perpetuate exclusion and inequality.

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I would like to thank Gender at Work for allowing me to be part of this process and to thank the facilitators to open up their hearts and share everything with us. You have an amazing team in South Africa; I had never seen a team like this in my experience. I commend the Gender at Work management for the type of work that they do; it is very encouraging. It is a process that changes individuals; you can’t just stay the same. It’s like a rebirth; it makes you a new person. I encourage them to share the process with the world. They may not realize this but they are touching a lot of lives. It is like seeds that grow in bigger fruits. I am very grateful for being here and for being part of this process.

Capacity Development Program


This process has had an impact in my way of not just looking at work, but the whole world. Now I look at everything from a feminist lens, whether it is conversations with family or friends or while watching a film. My own sense of reflection and understanding of self has improved, and I have realised that to be able to look critically at oneself is something really important. I am able to handle and engage with feedback in more constructive ways.

Feminist Leadership Program