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Conversations on COVID-19: Gendered Reflections of Humanitarian Workers

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide and impact every level of our societies, it is crucial to listen to those on the front lines for expert insight into the ongoing crisis. One unique perspective on the COVID-19 emergency is from humanitarian workers. Aid workers have experience responding to various global health emergencies, with many having worked through previous health epidemics or currently working with communities that are at risk to be some of the most impacted, such as refugee camps, displaced persons, or those in ongoing conflict and with little access to healthcare. As such, the intimate and first-hand knowledge of humanitarian workers is an important voice in the conversations ongoing around COVID-19. This is especially important for reflecting on the unique gendered impacts that COVID-19 is having and will have on various communities.

With this in mind, G@W convened a panel of women leaders in humanitarian action, to have an open conversation about their experiences, what we can learn from other emergencies, and some personal, gendered reflections on how we can get through a crisis of this scale.

Time: 7 AM WAT| 9 AM EEST| 11:30 AM IST| 6 PM FJST | 11PM PDT (30th April)

Location: Online
Date: June 29, 2020
Duration: 6 Days