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Episode 18: Dismantling Patriarchy – Close Encounters and Imperfect Strategies

episode 18: dismantling patriarchy – close encounters and imperfect strategies

Look around you and you’ll find many conversations about reimagining and transforming how we live and work – from how we enable the plant to thrive, to new ways of envisioning economics. And in all kinds of organizations, we are seeing real challenges to what was previously unchecked – abusive power dynamics, toxic work environments, sexual harassment, racism, and discrimination against all kinds of people who don’t fit what was considered ‘the norm’. In this episode – the first in a series of three – Srilatha Batliwala, David Kelleher, Lisa Veneklasen, Joanne Sandler and Aruna Rao reflect on the their close encounters with patriarchy in organizations and the dynamics they tried to ignite to challenge them which they outlined in their article on Medium. They touch on what they learned, discuss what dilemmas they faced in their imperfect offerings, and strategies and what questions they have in this moment of change and upheaval. Come listen to their stories as they draw on their collective experiences to talk about what was aligned with their principles and what contradicted them in their leadership practice. Most of all, we hope this encourages you to tell us your stories. Please write to us at genderatworkpodcast@gmail.com

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