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oxfam-g@w gender action learning

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Dates: Feb 04-06, 2019 Gender at Work organised a three day learning session with  Oxfam US, Oxfam Belgium, Oxfam MozNampula, and Oxfam Mali. They were aimed at collectively accessing the progress of Oxfam’s efforts with regards to the GAL process, and for planning future steps....

feminist leadership program

Location: Delhi, India Dates: Dec 05-06, 2018 The Feminist Leadership course was a 2-day course designed for those in management and leadership roles, to understand how they could drive change in their own organizations to advance gender equality and inclusion and discern the underlying reasons that lead...

oak inception workshop

Dates: 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2018 Location: Ranchi, India The workshop was jointly conducted by Gender at Work and Civil Society Academy ( CSA) with the aim to create common understanding on leadership, organizational development and social change, and develop concepts, processes and commitment for the...