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action learning for gender equality: the gender at work experience

In area offices all over Bangladesh, staff were meeting to discuss how their program could meet the newly emerging gender equality expectations of their organization, BRAC.  Over years, these meetings led to hundreds of small-scale innovations that improved BRAC’s program for women and the life of BRAC’s women staff. A few years later, in Gujarat, a group of youth leaders were involved in an intensive, life-changing program to understand how ideas of gender equality affected their lives and those of their families.  In Andra Pradesh, a Dalit union was transforming itself in order to respond to the issues facing their women members.  In Petermartitzberg, South Africa, a small women’s organization was coming to grips with the issue of power and victimhood, claiming their power and defining how their organization could work more effectively. Read full article 

by Gender at Work

David Kelleher


Action Learning for Gender Equality: The Gender at Work Experience


November 5, 2009