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is there life after gender mainstreaming

In the world of feminist activism, the time is ripe for reflection and review. We need to ask why change is not happening, what works, and what is next. This article points to the fact that while women have made many gains in the last decade, policies that successfully promote women’s empowerment and gender equality are not institutionalised in the day-to-day routines of State, nor in international development agencies. We argue for changes which re-delineate who does what, what counts, who gets what, and who decides. We also argue for changes in the institutions that mediate resources, and women’s access, voice, and influence. We outline key challenges, as well as ways to envision change a n d strengthen the capacity of State and development organisations to deliver better on women’s rights. Read Full Article

by Gender at Work

Aruna Rao and David Kelleher


Is There Life After Gender Mainstreaming?


July 22, 2005