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women at the front-line: a study of rural and small town women leaders

The objectives of the program were to (i) Increase the number of leaders in these countries capable of fostering transformational change to strengthen programs that empower women; and (ii) Increase the number and diversity of organizations (including women’s rights organizations, trade unions, rural development organizations, etc.) in these countries that are effective at facilitating women’s access to economic resources, keeping women safe from violence, and driving progressive policy change. Read the program brief or Leadership Study.

This process has had an impact in my way of not just looking at work, but the whole world. Now I look at everything from a feminist lens, whether it is conversations with family or friends or while watching a film. My own sense of reflection and understanding of self has improved, and I have realised that to be able to look critically at oneself is something really important.
by Gender at Work

Gender at Work India


Capacity Building Program in India


October 30, 2017