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challenging patriarchy to build workplace gender equality

If progress for gender equality and non-discrimination were measured in legal and policy advances, the momentum over the past 20 years would be record-breaking. And yet, why do so many hard-won policy and legal reform processes fail to generate any measurable changes for gender justice? Women’s workforce participation is increasing all over the world yet we are witnessing persistent inequalities and gender power dynamics that keep women subordinate. Sexual harassment, for example, involving high profile individuals from the full spectrum of workplaces –United Nations, business, media, and civil society organizations– is front page news everywhere. In Australia, despite being outlawed for 25 years, sexual harassment is the top complaint received by its Human Rights Commission; in EU countries, 40-50% of women reported that they experienced sexual harassment in the workplace; in Japan, in 2013 the Equal Employment Office had 9.230 sexual harassment cases and in the US, one in three cases before the Equal Employment Commission are sexual harassment cases. Read Full Article

by Gender at Work

Aruna Rao


Challenging Patriarchy to Build Workplace Gender Equality


October 22, 2016