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feminist leadership practice: reflections from the south african g@w experience

This paper reflects on Gender at Work’s recent South African experience 2 in two different contexts to concretely illustrate in praxis, core principles of transformational feminist leadership. We explore what such leadership means and looks like and what conditions and practice help it to emerge. We are not working specifically in women’s rights or feminist organisations. Rather, we are working with trade unions and in mixed gender contexts, i.e., communities with women, men, and gender-nonconforming persons. These are contexts that can be hostile to feminists and feminism. Our challenge is how to foster feminist visions, values and practices in such settings in a way that minimises backlash, while beginning to create more equal social norms and less violent gendered relationships. Read Full Article

by Gender at Work

Michel Friedman and Nosipho Twala


Feminist Leadership Practice: Reflections from the South African Gender at Work Experience


June 1, 2017