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inclusion and equity: holding the mirror up to ourselves

Civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world are seen as playing a pivotal role in spotlighting inequities and systemic disadvantage on the basis of multiple and intersecting dimensions, in addressing discrimination in policies and access to services, and in building the awareness and capacities of people to claim their rights, both in public spheres such as law courts, markets and schools, and in private institutions such as households. CSOs are seen as flexible and adaptive to new ideas and learning, important actors in holding power holders to account and effective advocates. Feminist mobilisation in civil society, for example, according to an oft cited global survey of 70 countries, was found to be the most important factor in achieving policy change regarding violence against women, which has now become seen as a global pandemic destroying lives everywhere. Yet passionately fighting for human rights on the outside does not necessarily mean that these same organisations practise inclusion and equity on the inside. Read Full Article

by Gender at Work

Aruna Rao and Sudarsana Kundu


Inclusion and Equity: Holding the Mirror Up to Ourselves


October 22, 2016