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strategizing for a political voice: the women’s budget in south africa

Why is progress so slow toward change for gender equity? Why is this work so hard? In part, it is how we think about the problem. Many writers have pointed out how social science has adopted the epistemology of 19th century Newtonian physics, particularly the belief in the importance of analyzing parts of a system while ignoring both the relation between those parts and the behavior of the whole system. Ironically, physical scientists in this century have developed a much more sophisticated epistemology, influenced particularly by quantum physics. Physicist David Bohm would say that fragmentation and reductionism, leftovers from the Newtonian way of thinking, are illusions and lead to endless conflict and confusion. Accordingly, in this Trialogue we would like to explore both old and new ways of thinking about power. Real Full Article

by Gender at Work

Aruna Rao and David Kelleher


Strategizing for a Political Voice: the Women's Budget in South Africa


April 22, 1997