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ramya subrahmanian

board member

The Executive Director of Know Violence in Childhood, Ramya is an international social policy analyst with extensive experience in the areas of research, policy advocacy, training and teaching. She has provided advisory and technical support to governments, donors and civil society organizations on education, child rights, gender and social policy issues. As Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF India, she led research, policy analysis and advocacy in the areas of child-sensitive social protection, equity and social inclusion, and gender equality. She has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, where she conducted research, co-directed and taught the MA Programme in Gender and Development, and conducted evaluations and trainings for numerous international agencies. A resident of New Delhi, Ramya holds a doctorate in Development Studies and has written widely on issues related to gender mainstreaming, women’s rights, child labour and education, and on social policies for children in India.